December 19, 2021

Two Hot Rods? A 1932 Ford Roadster Joins the Coupe

Well, this Blog started with the intention of only covering the build of our 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe. As detailed in other posts, we are waiting for our turn to get the coupe into the builder, Craig Naff's  shop as he is finishing up a really big project.

As you have seen from the last post, the coupe is all ready to go into the shop. As we were preparing the coupe though, a flathead engine was built for it. The build was performed by Keith Tardel at Rex Rods in Johnson City, TX. While in Keith's shop, we spotted a killer '32 Ford Roadster and just really got to thinking. The hunt started for a clean, original (or older restored) 1932 Ford Roadster.

Keith and I agreed it would be best to find a car that did not really need a full cosmetic restoration. We also were very much "on the same page" as to how we like to build a "traditional hot rod".

Not too much time went back when I found what was the perfect car for the project. It's a '32 V8 Roadster that was supposedly restored back in 1959. It's never been rusted or patched...just a nice, clean, and good car. We all agreed it was great for the "vision" that we all shared.

The car was shipped directly from the person who I purchased it from to Rex Rods in Texas.

I will be posting more frequently as I document the build of this car. In this post, we will start with some pictures of the car as it was when it arrived. It even had a previous stint in the Don Gartlis' collection. In fact, the dash is signed by "Big Daddy".

Stay tuned for the build. If you think that it should remain stock, not be chopped, etc., this may not be for you! LOL! That said, as mentioned, the vision is for a very traditional build that I would call "period correct". We are super excited about this one!

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