November 18, 2022

1932 Ford Roadster Build

Following up on the last post, the roadster build rolls right along.

On the next post, we will be getting some paint and powdercoat as this project starts going back together.

November 11, 2022

1932 Ford Roadster on Iron Resurrection TV Show


Iron Resurrection Season 6 Episode 5 - 1932 Ford Roadster

I'm getting a bit out of order on my posts about the 1932 Ford Roadster build, but I wanted to put this one in between the build posts, since the show recently aired.

The Roadster was featured on the TV show Iron Resurrection. 

Keith's shop, Rex Rods, is located right next to Martin Brothers Customs in Johnson City, TX. We visited quite a bit during the build and had a great time during each visit. It was decided that the interior had to be revamped, so we were fortunate enough to have Justin at Circle J Upholstery handle this task. Justin's shop is right across from Martin Brothers as well.

The project caught the eye of the producer of the show, so they featured it in a little segment. It's Season 6 - Episode 5. It originally aired on October 26, 2022, and it will be continued to be shown at various times.

It was really fun filming the various segments. If you have not seen the show, be sure to check it out. The folks are just as nice in person as they appear on the TV show.

You should be able to find it on Motor Trend +, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, and maybe others.

Iron Resurrection Season 6 Episode 5 - 1932 Ford Roadster

Iron Resurrection Season 6 Episode 5 - 1932 Ford Roadster

Iron Resurrection Season 6 Episode 5 - 1932 Ford Roadster

November 05, 2022

1932 Ford Roadster Build

 As I stated in a previous post, this Blog is supposed to be about the build of our 1932 5 Window Coupe. Well, there is good news and bad news...the bad news is that the coupe build has not really started beyond what was originally posted. The really good news is though is that it will be going in Craig's shop within the next month.

I'm super behind in posting about the Roadster build at Rex Rods, so I'm going to try and catch up starting with this post!

The Roadster's original frame was boxed and Keith built a killer French block, stroked flathead with a blower. Here are some of the pictures of the progress.

Hopefully, there will be more posts very soon.